You can't go wrong with our reliable Data Center Maintenance Services. Game Of Technologies has a long history of providing expert data center maintenance support to businesses worldwide. Make the most out of your IT infrastructure investment by getting on board with us for the ultimate support.

What happens when you overlook data canter maintenance?

The main aim of data center maintenance support is to keep a check on your data storage and capture the problems in their early stages to avoid failures. A proactive approach for your data center maintenance keeps your data center more productive, secure, and efficient. While, your negligence to data center maintenance can result in unexpected downtime, data loss, power failure, human error, and hardware failure. Power failure and unexpected downtime happen most of the time due to poor maintenance. Here, an effective and efficient data center maintenance service can help you avoid these potential risks to your business growth. Smart people make the right decisions at the right time. Don't overlook the importance of your data center maintenance. Reach out to us for quality services. We will develop a suitable maintenance plan to meet your needs at the right price.

How will you be benefited from our services?

Data center maintenance is crucial to your business productivity and security, therefore it requires solid experience and expertise to get the job done. At Game Of Technologies, we own highly talented IT professionals who possess strong domain knowledge and skills to ensure the efficient working of your data center. Game Of Technology has years of experience in delivering reliable data center maintenance support and Yes, we know it's essential to every business growth, and this is why we strive to make your data center work efficiently and effectively. When your data center is properly maintained, you will get:

  • Long life of your IT assets
  • Minimized costs
  • Prevention from security threats
  • Prevention from server attacks, hardware failure, malware and data theft
  • Reduced Downtime

So don't think twice and request a quote or ping us at...... for more information and queries.

Game Of Technologies Offer

GOT offers the following data center maintenance services with quick response time and customized service level agreements to clients worldwide.

  • Stacking & Racking
  • Different Deployment Projects
  • All types Of Cabling
  • Server Replacement
  • Reduced Downtime

Data Center Services

Racking & Stacking

Rack & Stack support is offered to build new servers in the data center. Rack is a metallic framework designed to keep server equipment, while stack refers to the server equipment assembly in the data center. Rack & Stack is essential to data center implementation. We at GOT, ensure to deliver quality rack & stack service for an optimized and efficient data center. Our racking and stacking service includes following steps:

  • Site Survey
  • Rack design
  • Receive & Unpack Server equipment
  • Labeling, Serial number recording
  • Rack Mounting
  • Install power & network cables
  • Plug-in and Power up
  • Configuration
  • Testing
  • Documentation with complete details and records

Data Center Cabling

Game Of Technologies provides Data Center Cabling Services to fulfill your business needs for forward-thinking data centers. Our experts carefully plan, design, and implement personalized cabling infrastructure to deliver reliable connectivity to make your network operate at the maximum of its ability. GOT provides all kinds of data center cabling services with increased scalability, adaptability, and connectivity.

Deployment Projects

Game Of Technologies has a skilled and experienced IT team that can effectively deploy a data center. Datacenter deployment is a daunting task and requires being well-planned and carefully implemented. You can take us on board for an entire data center deployment or a part of the project. We will ensure to deliver data center deployment services beyond your expectations.

Server Replacement

The server is the fundamental element of your IT Infrastructure. Servers are essential to daily business operations. If you are facing increased maintenance costs, customer complaints, or diminishing performance, then it's time to go for a server replacement. Here we can assist you. With years of experience and deep domain knowledge, Game Of Technologies offers end-to-end server replacement services according to your requirements.

Game of Technologies is going to be next-generation global technology company in future that would help enterprises to reimagine their businesses for the digital and middle age. Our Information Technology products, assistance and Engineering models are built on four decades of innovation with a world-renowned management convictions


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