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IMAC is the acronym for install, move, add, change. You face the need for these services when you are about to install, move, add, or change IT hardware equipment, software applications, and organization data. Partnering up with the right IT company for IMAC &Project services can save you from intimidating tasks, extra costs, and potential risks. Let’s dive into the details to understand why you need IMAC services and the potential benefits of utilizing Game Of Technologies Imac services.

Why do you need IMAC Services?

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and, to keep up with the changing technologies and growth in your industry, you should be mindful of your IT equipment and system applications. Install, move, add, change tasks can be very risky and daunting to perform as it requires experience and proper strategy. Reduced downtime, fast and safe completion of technology changes, low expenses, and many other advantages can be achieved if you work with an expert and the right IMAC service provider.
Game Of Technologies comes to the rescue when you require installation, relocation, integration, modification of IT hardware equipment, applications, or sensitive data. We also provide full-fledged services throughout your projects. We are your trusted partner for quality, safe, and quick IMAC & Project services.



Getting started with new equipment, server, or software applications?. Let us do the job for you. We can install mighty servers to system applications efficiently and quickly. Installation steps are as follows:

  • IT hardware equipment installation
  • Software application installation/Configuration of apps
  • Installation of network connection


When it comes to moving, plenty of factors influence the entire task and require experience and professionalism to get the job done effectively. Whether you are gearing up for a new office location or willing to move your IT infrastructure to a new system or technology, Game Of Technology is here to ensure safe and cost-effective shifting. Our move service includes these steps:

  • Dismantle IT hardware equipment
  • Pack and move with care
  • Install hardware to a new location
  • Testing to ensure the smooth working


Integration of new hardware components and updated software versions are vital to your IT infrastructure’s health and operational needs. Our expert team will add required hardware components and software applications to your existing IT infrastructure with minimized disturbance and time. We follow the following steps for both hardware and software integration.

  • Hardware integration to existing environment e.g memory, modules, drives
  • Software addition
  • Configuration and testing


Businesses organizations have to adapt to the changes frequently to keep growing in the industry. These changes refer to newer technologies, updated versions of software, and internal or external components of the hardware. Let our expert imac team deal with tricky modifications of your equipment and software applications. We follow these change service steps:

  • Sourcing of right hardware equipment
  • Installation
  • Sourcing of required software
  • Configuration of the software/Change in the configuration of exiting software


Game of technologies has dedicated and skilled IT personnel who possess deep domain knowledge and years of experience. Our strength lies in our passionate IT experts who make us able to satisfy our clients. Apart from imac services, GOT is at your disposal for full-fledged IT services throughout the life cycle of your project. Whether you need infrastructure support, desktop support, imac services, wifi surveys, data center maintenance, or hardware break-fix maintenance, Game Of Technologies will deliver customized, cost-effective, and quality services.

Advantages of our IMAC & Project Services

  • Reduced Downtime
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cost Savings
  • Fast Delivery
  • Secure

Game of Technologies is going to be next-generation global technology company in future that would help enterprises to reimagine their businesses for the digital and middle age. Our Information Technology products, assistance and Engineering models are built on four decades of innovation with a world-renowned management convictions


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