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At Game of Technologies (GOT), we understand the critical importance of a reliable and robust WiFi network for both individual and business needs. To ensure optimal network performance, we offer comprehensive WiFi site surveys, utilizing our Ekahau Sidekick and software. Our team of skilled engineers is dedicated to providing you with a well-designed, budget-friendly, and efficient WiFi network solution. By leveraging our expertise, we aim to enhance your business productivity and ensure seamless connectivity.

How do we carry out a WIFI site survey?

New Network Implementation

Our expert network engineers will interact with you in planning sessions to better understand your goals for wifi site survey service and business needs. A thorough wifi site survey is conducted before wireless network establishment, this survey identifies all access points and the problem areas of access points. It also captures the objects and sources of interference in the area. Once we are done with the site survey, a comprehensive report with recommendations will be developed for clients and future work. Based on the extracted report, an effective wireless network implementation plan will be created and site setup will be performed.

WIFI Site Inspection

When getting our wifi site survey services, you will get an in-depth assessment of the area or existing network before the implementation. Based on findings, we will develop a well-planned and designed network system that will eventually meet your business needs. We will perform a detailed inspection and audit of the current signal and network coverage. Manual hardware inspection, as well as the wireless survey, will be performed by our skilled professionals to extract a detailed report on your existing network performance. We can create an effective plan to optimize your existing wireless network once issues are identified.

Post-Deployment Site Survey

Yes, we are proud to provide this essential service. IT professionals at GOT perform a post-deployment wireless site survey to ensure the smooth working of the wifi network. We analyze the wifi site through high-end site survey software after setting up a new network or performing optimization of the existing network.

Why do you need a wifi survey?

An effective wireless network implementation is essential to your business growth, budget, security needs, and productivity. Likewise, a failed or flawed wifi network establishment results in terrible effects on your business growth, expenses, and employees' productivity. When implemented accurately, a wireless site survey can help to establish a secure, cost-effective, and productivity-boosting internet network. Here we can help you, our experienced wireless network engineers work closely with clients to understand their business needs and deliver wireless site survey services that will help you cover those needs.

Possessing expertise in the domain and a highly professional team, Game Of Technologies can provide the following customized site survey services:

  • Establishment of a new wireless network
  • In-depth inspection & optimization of an existing network

Potential Benefits For our Valuable Clients

You will get a wifi network which will be a

Cost Savings

Game Of Technologies offers budget-friendly services. Our wifi survey services will be loaded with benefits at a low cost. Don't miss out on the opportunity. Ping us at

Growth facilitation

If you have an effective and robust wifi network, your employees will be more productive and have more business opportunities. A wifi site survey, when performed accurately, results in appropriate access points identification and placement. An accurate access points identification and placement helps you over or underestimate blind spots that directly or indirectly cost your business. It means that by undergoing a wifi survey, you can minimize your business expenses.

Secure wifi network

When your wifi network is secure, it deals with security threats and can send real-time alerts in case of any hacking attempt. We ensure to design a secure wifi network for you.

Full coverage and high capacity wifi network

Your wifi network is not usable if it doesn't have maximum coverage and capacity. Your customers or employees will be able to get a total capacity internet connection while moving around freely. So if you want to have a full-capacity and maximum coverage wifi network, don't hesitate to catch us and listen to us more.

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